Timothy Lam


2016 (Hong Kong)


English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Areas of Practice

Commercial & Banking Law
Compulsory Sales of Land
Conflicts of Law
Criminal Law
Equity & Trusts
Family & Matrimonial Law
Financial Services Regulation
Injunction & Contempt
Intellectual Property
Medical Negligence & Personal Injury
Probate & Succession
Property & Land
Public Law & Judicial Review
Regulatory & Disciplinary
Unjust Enrichment


Secretary: Ms. Winnie Fung
[email protected]

Timothy joined Chambers following the completion of his pupillage with Mr Robert Pang SC, Mr Abraham Chan (now Mr Abraham Chan SC), Mr Simon Chan, Mr Eugene Yim, and Mr Tony Li, and marshalling with Recorder Mr Robert Whitehead SC (as he then was).

He is an all-round junior with a diverse practice, appearing frequently in the Magistrates’ Courts, Family Court, District Court, Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal.

For instance, Timothy (as the sole advocate) acted for the successful plaintiff (by original claim) and defendant (by counterclaim) in a 13-day high court trial concerning (among other things) the recovery of money belonging to an estate and defamation. He also acted for the successful plaintiff in a 6-day high court trial relating to the beneficial interest of a landed property.

Further, Timothy is regularly instructed in complex and high-profile disputes, a notable example being the winding-up and provisional liquidation of Ting Wai Monastery Limited, the charitable company which maintains the 96-year-old Ting Wai Monastery.

Timothy read law at St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, where he was awarded a BA in jurisprudence.

He is capable of providing submissions and advice (both oral and written) in Chinese and English.

  • BA (Hons.) Jurisprudence, University of Oxford (2013)
  • PCLL, University of Hong Kong (2014)
  • Academic Exhibition Award
  • Leung Yee Lin v Fine Bright Development Limited & Ors, HCLA 5/2022 (on appeal from LBTC 2718/2019) – advised and acted for the defendant companies in respect of an appeal against a decision of the Labour Tribunal
  • Sze Ka Wai v Choy Wai Ka [2022] HKCA 74 – acted for the successful respondent in an appeal arising from a trial concerning the beneficial ownership of a landed property (led by Jonathan Chang SC)
  • Stephen Mark Drimmer & Anor v Hongkong Seiyo International Co Ltd & Ors [2023] 1 HKLRD 373 – acted for the defendant in successfully appealing a master’s decision to refuse to grant security for costs
  • Joyful Delight Ltd & Anor v Active Access Holdings Ltd & Ors [2022] 5 HKLRD 1 – acted for the defendant in resisting a summary judgment application and an appeal against a master’s decision to set aside a default judgment
  • Re Ting Wai Monastery [2018] 1 HKLRD 346 – winding up and provisional liquidation of a company formed for charitable purposes (with Jason Yu)
  • SFC v Andrew Liu & Ors, HCMP 2653/2016 – acted for the 8th respondent in a trial where the SFC sought a disqualification order against the respondents for the decisions made by them as the former directors of a listed company, and successfully secured an unconditional withdrawal of the claim against the 8th respondent by the SFC on the 3rd day of the trial (led by Robert Whitehead SC)
  • CML v Commissioner of Registration, ROPT 71/20, acted for the successful appellant in her appeal to the Registration of Persons Tribunal against the decision of the Commissioner of Registration to declare her Hong Kong permanent identity card invalid (led by Jonathan Chang SC)
  • Li Wenjun v Chen Chun Hui & Anor [2023] HKCFI 405 – acted for the plaintiff in an action concerning deceit and conspiracy to injure, and successfully resisted an application for stay of proceedings in favour of arbitration
  • Chan Yin Ting v Chan Chun Choi [2023] HKDC 264 – acted for the plaintiff in successfully resisting an appeal against a master’s decision to grant summary judgment
  • PYK v CCLA, [2023] HKFC 11 – acted for the respondent wife in seeking interim maintenance against the petitioner husband for the benefit of two daughters
  • G v T & L [2022] HKCFI 2214 – successfully applied for a stay of proceedings in favour of arbitration for the defendant
  • Ting Wai Monastery Ltd (in liq) v Lung Yan Loi & Ors, HCA 182/2018 – obtained Mareva injunction against the former directors and staff of the plaintiff (with Jonathan Chang, as Jonathan Chang SC then was)
  • Kwok Siu Mui Diana, the administrator of the estate of Leung Shui Lin v Kwok Siu Yee & Anor, HCA 380/2014 & HCA 2492/2017, acted for the successful plaintiff (by original action) and defendant (by counterclaim) in a 13-day high court trial concerning the recovery of misappropriated sums belonging to an estate as well as defamation (as sole counsel)
  • Hotung Investment (China) Limited v Eric Shea Kim Hotung, HCA 77/2012 – acted for the successful plaintiff in obtaining damages against the defendant in excess of US4million after a trial for assessment of damages (with Mike Lui, as Mike Lui SC then was)
  • Re Sky River International Trading (HK) Limited, HCCW 225/2018 – acted for the successful petitioner in a contested winding-up petition and obtained a personal costs order against the opposing contributories (as sole counsel)
  • Redoak Capital Ltd v Standard Industrial International Company Ltd, HCA 1625/2017 – successfully resisted an appeal against master’s decision to order securities for costs (led by C Y Li SC)
  • SYC v XWS, HCMP 2269/2018 – acted for the applicant in a wardship application (as sole counsel)
  • LKFJ v CFH, FCMC 10082/2016 – acted for the successful respondent and 1st intervener in a trial concerning the beneficial ownership of landed properties (as sole counsel)
  • QMY v GSS, FCMP 147/2012 – acted for the successful applicant in a trial concerning an application for child maintenance and carer’s allowance under the Guardianship of Minors Ordinance (with Eugene Yim)
  • CK v TCH, FCMC 5240/2011 – successfully resisted an application to vary a Mareva injunction order (as sole counsel)
  • Chan Cheuk Luen Margo v Chui Nga Sue Isabelle [2021] HKFC 205 – acted for the successful respondent mother in a 6-day trial for resisting an application for variation of maintenance (as sole counsel)
  • HKSAR v Sze Karen, ESCC 1602/2019 – successfully secured an acquittal of the charge of “Failing to Provide Specimen of Breath for Analysis” for the defendant (led by Selwyn Yu SC)
  • Leung Siu Lan (the administratix of the estate of Wong Wing Tung, Deceased) v Chan Hon Shing & Anor, HCPI 485/2010 – acted for the defendant in a personal injury action
  • 香港特別行政區 v 梁肇倫, WKCC 2347/2017, HCMA 538, 2018 – represented a former HSBC staff on charges of bribery in a 15-day trial and magistracy appeal (with Adonis Cheung)