Alison Choy


2014 (Hong Kong)

Professional Qualifications

HKMAAL Accredited Mediator (General), Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited

Areas of Practice

Family & Matrimonial Law
Medical Negligence & Personal Injury
Property & Land
Public Law & Judicial Review


Secretary: Ms. Suki Wong
[email protected]

Alison has a broad civil practice which includes family/matrimonial matters, commercial law, company law, land law, building management, personal injuries, public law, and defamation.

Fluent in both English and Cantonese, Alison is regularly instructed to conduct trials, concentrating particularly on matrimonial matters, commercial matters, and land disputes.  She also has experience in dealing with urgent matters including obtaining and resisting injunctive relief.

She is regularly appointed as a mediator in a wide range of civil and commercial disputes.

The University of Hong Kong: BSocSc (Govt & Laws) LLB, PCLL

Family & Matrimonial

  • FH & MH v. WB, HB, B & G (HCMP 1313/2018); [2019] HKCFI 1748; [2019] 5 HKC 99 – appeared on behalf of the Applicants (led by Anita Yip SC) in an application for (i) parental orders in favour of parents to children born out of an overseas surrogacy arrangement; (ii) declarations regarding the constitutionality and interpretation of certain provisions in the Parent and Child Ordinance (Cap. 429) and the Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance (Cap. 561).
  • Re D (Parental Order: s.12 of the Parent and Child Ordinance (Cap. 429)) [2015] 1 HKLRD 229 – appeared on behalf of the Applicants (led by Johannes Chan SC) to seek a parental order in favour of parents to a child born out of an overseas surrogacy arrangement.
  • CD & Anor v. TKH & Anor (FCMP 148/2017, unreported, 5 March 2021); [2021] HKFC 296 – acted for the 1stApplicant to resist the 2nd Respondent’s application to stay the proceedings (in which the Applicants applied for inter alia directions for the 2nd Respondent to take a DNA test to determine his parentage of a minor) on grounds of want of jurisdiction and forum non convenience.
  • CCL v. JRC (FCMC 1548/2020, unreported, 29 January 2021); [2021] HKFC 21 – appeared on behalf of the Respondent Husband (led by Anita Yip SC & with Eugene Yim) to resist the Petitioner Wife’s application for maintenance pending suit.
  • FHP v. YPY (formerly known as YSL) (FCMC 15966/2010, unreported, 19 November 2019); [2019] HKFC 296 – acted for the Petitioner Husband in a trial to vary a previous order for periodical payments.
  • (FCMC 5355/2011, unreported, 3 June 2019); [2019] HKFC 143 – acted for the Respondent Wife in a trial to resist the Petitioner Husband’s application for downward variation of periodical payments.
  • Alison is experienced in handling cases involving children (orders for custody, care and control, and access; non-removal orders; non-molestation orders; wardship orders; parental orders; orders for DNA test; adoption orders; guardianship orders), ancillary relief, third-party interest, avoidance of dispositions and applications under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Ordinance (Cap. 481).


  • Dah Sing Bank v. Dynasty Management Ltd & Ors (HCA 2554/2018, unreported, 4 August 2020); [2020] HKCFI 1695 – appeared on behalf of the Plaintiff to oppose the Defendants’ appeal against Master’s decision to grant summary judgment.
  • Tsang Kin Chung Terry v. Wong Chung Mang Jonah & Anor (HCA 2381/2019, unreported, 19 April 2021); [2021] HKCFI 1033 – appeared on behalf of the Plaintiff in the Defendant’s appeal against Master’s decision refusing to set aside a default judgment.
  • Yuen Tak Sung v. Sea Dragon Food Ltd (HCMP 1721/2018); [2018] HKCFI 2471 – appeared on behalf of the Applicant in an application for leave to commence a statutory derivative action on behalf of the Respondent company.
  • Swiss Finance Mortgage Services Ltd v. Wong Kam Fan & Anor (HCA 1244/2015, unreported, 22 December 2016)– appeared on behalf of the Defendants to resist a summary judgment application concerning allegations of breaches of the Money Lenders Ordinance (Cap. 163).
  • Lee Man Fai v. Lee Yu Leung (HCA 2396/2016); [2018] HKCFI 1429 – represented the Plaintiff in an appeal against the granting of summary judgment regarding a dishonoured cheque and section 21 of the Bills of Exchange Ordinance ( 19).
  • Celerity Special Situations Fund I, L.P. v. China Linkage International Ltd (HCA 2993/2016); [2018] HKCFI 259 – appeared on behalf of the Defendant in an application to set aside a default judgment.
  • Yu Lai Wa v. Wong Tak Chi (DCCJ 2075/2015, unreported, 8 December 2017) – acted for the Plaintiff in a trial for recovery of debt.

Land & Property

  • To Yung Sing Herman v. Szeto Chak Mei & Ors [2018] 3 HKLRD 370; [2018] HKCFI 1506 – acted for the Plaintiff in an application by vendor-purchaser summons regarding the issues of vacant possession and whether certain requisitions in a sale and purchase had been satisfactorily answered.
  • Hau Cho Sing v. Hau Chi Wing & Ors (HCA 167/2016) [2018] HKCFI 686; [2018] HKCFI 1385 – appeared on behalf of the Defendants (with Michael Liu) in a striking-out application in a case involving easement, dedication and acceptance of a piece of New Territories land.
  • To Hu Sing v. Cheung Kwai Chuen & Ors (HCA 1920/2015); [2020] HKCFI 2747 – acted for the Plaintiff in a trial to defend the Defendants’ application for specific performance of a sale and purchase agreement of two landed properties.
  • Zheng Ruoting v. Chan Hoi Ting (HCMP 1764/2019); [2020] HKCFI 2360 – represented the purchaser in a land transaction in seeking declarations as to whether certain requisitions had been satisfactorily answered by the vendor.
  • Ma Kin Man v. Lam Chak Tin (DCCJ 3897/2017, unreported, 4 September 2020); [2020] HKDC 748 – acted for the Plaintiff in a trial to recover damages in a water seepage case.

Public Law

  • Re: Hong Kong Journalists Association [2017] 2 HKLRD 756 – appeared on behalf of the Applicant (led by Prof. Johannes Chan SC) for leave to judicial review regarding the Government’s policy towards online-only media journalists and in particular, whether online-only media journalists should be allowed access to the press events relating to the Chief Executive Election 2017.

Personal Injuries & Employees’ Compensation

  • Wu Chung Kei v. Cheung Chung Tim (DCPI 219/2020, unreported, 31 March 2021); [2021] HKDC 388 – appeared on behalf of the Plaintiff in an application for Mareva injunction in the personal injuries context.
  • Yan Jiancheng v. Sung King Leung & Anor (DCEC 1462/2018, unreported, 7 July 2020); [2020] HKDC 512 – acted for the Applicant in a trial to recover employees’ compensation following an accident which caused personal injuries to the Applicant.
  • Alison regularly receives instructions (including instructions from the Director of Legal Aid) to give opinion on quantum, liability and evidence in personal injuries actions.