Pupillage / Tenancy


Our Chambers provide pupillage in a wide range of areas. Pupils are expected to possess excellent analytical abilities; outstanding communication skills, both written and oral; the ability to perform under pressure and, most importantly, integrity, ambition and drive to succeed.

Pupils will receive an honorarium from their respective pupil-masters in line with the Code of Conduct of the Hong Kong Bar Association (“Bar Code”). They may also accept some fee-earning work permissible under the Bar Code.

Application for Pupillage

All applications for pupillage should be received by our Chambers on or before 31 December of the prior year. For instance, if you intend to commence pupillage on 1 September 2020, your application must be received by our Chambers on or before 31 December 2019. Late applications will not be entertained.

Shortlisted candidates will be offered Pupillage Interviews which will usually be held in January and February. In case of genuine needs and subject to individual arrangements, interviews via the internet may be available.

All applications for pupillage should be made by completing an Application Form and submitted pursuant to the instruction contained in the said Form. All applications are to be reviewed by the Pupillage Committee. An application made and addressed only to individual members of our Chambers will not be treated as a formal application.

Applicants for pupillage are selected on merit. While academic excellence is an important criterion for our consideration, we also give substantial weight to other important factors such as analytical power, integrity, and the personality of the applicant. An “in-the-round” assessment will be made on each and every application.


Our Chambers offer non-remunerated mini-pupillage lasting up to 3 weeks during winter and summer. For winter mini-pupillage, applicants should submit their applications on or before 31 October of each year. For summer mini-pupillage, applicants should submit their applications on or before 31 March of each year. Late applications will not be entertained.

For those who are interested, please apply in writing enclosing a copy of your curriculum vitae, an academic transcript, and a short covering letter in which your desired period of mini-pupillage should be clearly stated. A copy of your recent photograph should also be attached (for identification only). All such applications should be posted to our Chambers’ address. Applications by email will not be accepted.

Your application should be clearly marked for the purpose of “mini-pupillage application” and be addressed to the Pupillage Committee, Bernacchi Chambers.


Our Chambers will engage in an exercise to recruit new tenants each year and welcome applications from promising candidates. Subject to notice otherwise, the recruitment exercise will normally take place in the 3rd quarter of each year. Applications should be made by way of a letter addressed to Head of Chambers, Mr. Robert Whitehead, SC accompanied by a full curriculum vitae. Priority will be given to pupils who have served and completed at least 6 months of pupillage in our chambers. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.