Albert N. B. Wong


2013 (Hong Kong)



Areas of Practice

Confidentiality & Privacy
Criminal Law
Financial Services Regulation
Injunction & Contempt
Intellectual Property
Public Law & Judicial Review
Regulatory & Disciplinary


Secretary: Ms. Karen Leung
[email protected]

Albert was educated at Winchester College and read English at the University of Oxford. Before practising as a barrister, Albert was a journalist covering law and politics in Hong Kong. He has a broad practice with a particular focus on judicial review applications, human rights, media law, and privacy. He was formerly also a part-time lecturer in Law and Ethics at the School of Journalism and Communications at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Albert appeared in the judicial review proceedings resulting in the requirement of a judicial warrant before the search of a mobile phone, and regularly acts for persons in relation to search warrants and scope of police powers, including those under the Implementation Rules of the NSL.

He represented the “Occupy Trio” in the trial arising from the 2014 Occupy movement and acted for the Hong Kong Journalists Association in an application challenging the police handling of the press during public order incidents.

He has also represented the Commissioner of Police in resisting a challenge to the constitutionality of the “Letter of No Consent” regime under sections 25(1) and 25A of the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance (Cap. 455) and has acted for Kim Dotcom in Hong Kong.

Albert also has experience in matters relating to extradition, restraint orders, disciplinary and regulatory proceedings, contempt of court, and general civil proceedings. He has acted for the Prosecution and the Defence in criminal trials.

  • HKSAR v Lai Chee Ying (Application for Permanent Stay) [2023] 3 HKLRD 534
  • Secretary for Justice v Wong Chi Fung (No.2) [2023] 4 HKC 619
  • Lai Chee Ying v The Committee for Safeguarding National Security of the HKSAR [2023] 3 HKLRD 275
  • Siti Naisah Tasya Stephanie (a minor, by next friend and mother, Siti Naisah) v Torture Claims Appeal Board & Anor [2023] 3 HKC 192
  • Chow Hang Tung v Secretary for Justice [2022] HKCFI 2225
  • CB v Commissioner of Police [2022] HKCFI 1046
  • Secretary for Justice v Lester Shum [2022] 2 HKLRD 744
  • CB v Commissioner of Police [2021] 5 HKLRD 13
  • Lai Chee Ying v Secretary for Security [2021] 4 HKLRD 695
  • Melemoko Ndiala Saint Juste Seguy Lionel v Torture Claims Appeal Board [2021] HKCA 608
  • Hong Kong Journalists Association v Commissioner of Police [2021] 1 HKLRD 427
  • Lai Chee Ying v Commissioner of Police [2021] 2 HKLRD 857
  • Lee Chu Ming, Martin & Ors v A Permanent Magistrate & Commissioner of Police [2020] HKCFI 2028
  • Chan Ki Kau v Hong Kong Police Force [2020] 5 HKLRD 653
  • Sham Wing Kan v Commissioner of Police [2020] 2 HKLRD 529, [2020] HKCA 186
  • HKSAR v Tai Yiu Ting, Chan Kin Man, Chu Yiu Ming & Ors [2019] HKDC 450; and CACC 128/2019
  • Secretary for Justice & anor v Persons Unlawfully and Wilfully Conducting Themselves… [2019] 5 HKLRD 500, [2019] HKCFI 2773
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  • Lau Luen Hung v Secretary for Justice (HCAL 875/2019)
  • Re Kim Dotcom [2019] HKCA 885
  • M v Torture Claims Appeal Board [2018] 3 HKC 497, [2018] HKCFI 24
  • Secretary for Justice v Cheng Kam Mun (No.3) [2017] 2 HKLRD 768
  • Secretary for Justice v Li Pang Kay & Another [2016] 2 HKLRD 882
  • HKSAR v MD Emran Hossain (2016) 19 HKCFAR 679
  • HKSAR v Luk Kin Peter Joseph (2016) 19 HKCFAR 619
  • A v The Securities and Futures Commission [2015] 1 HKLRD 47
  • A Solicitor v Law Society of Hong Kong [2015] 1 HKLRD 802
  • T v Commissioner of Police (2014) 17 HKCFAR 593
  • 10th Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot (representing The University of Hong Kong)
    – Best Mooter
    – 1st Counsel of Winning Team
  • The Hong Kong News Awards – Best English News Writing
  • The 14th Annual Human Rights Press Awards – Special Merits (Features)
  • The Society of Publishers in Asia Awards for Editorial Excellence
    – Honourable Mention, Public Service Journalism
    – Honourable Mention, Reporting on the Environment
  • Archbold Hong Kong – Chapter 26 (National Security)