Eric H. K. Leung


2006 (Hong Kong)


Secretary: Ms. Alice Wong
[email protected]

Eric has a broad civil practice in areas including matrimonial finance and children matters, corporate litigation such as shareholders’ disputes and derivative actions, probate and trusts, land and property claims and personal injuries.

  • Member of the Bar Council’s Standing Committee on Pupillage and Limited Practice
  • Wong To Yick v. Wong Tin Chee & Ors (HCA 7984 of 2000)(Junior to Mr. Edward Chan SC and Mr. Michael K.W. Liu)(Trial: Contempt of Court)
  • Wing Hang Diamond Company Ltd v. Lechic Limited (HCA 2282/2008) (Order 14 Application: Breach of Contract; Dishonoured Cheque)
  • Sun Hung Kai investment Services Ltd v. Quality Prince Limited (HCA 1995/2008) (Junior to Mr. Patrick Fung SC) (Order 14 Application; Breach of Contract; Deeds of Guarantee)
  • Sun Hung Kai Investments Services Ltd v. Quality Prince Limited (CACV 278/2009) (Junior to Mr. Robert Whitehead SC)(Appeal against O.14; Presumption of undue influence; Deeds of Guarantee)
  • Chemay Inc v. Norman Lin (HCA 954 of 2009)(Order 14 Application; Breach of Contract; Shareholder Dispute)
  • Li Shun Fuk v. The Personal Representative of Ho Tam (HCMP 644 of 2009)(Adverse possession of land)
  • Ma Siu Siu Vivian v. Tam Wai Mun Alice and Another (HCAP 13 of 2011)(Probate and Chinese marriage)
  • Li Xiao Yun and Another v. China Gas Holdings Limited (HCCL 18 of 2011)(Junior to Mr. Ronny Wong SC, Michael Liu and Teresa Wu) (Case management and trial)
  • AMED Holdings v. Wong Sy Kee and Ors (HCA 1879 of 2012)(Forum Non Conveniens)
  • Pozdnyaev, Denis v. The Orthodox Brotherhood of Apostles Saints Peter and Paul (HCA 1808 of 2014)(variation of costs order) NWL v. TCS (FCMC 10344/2008)(Ancillary relief)
  • MLYE v. LOS (FCMC 3321/2010)(Ancillary relief)
  • JN v. TLC (FCMP 283 of 2011)(Prohibition Order)
  • BT v. YHK (FCMC 943 of 2011)(Committal)
  • LSM v. CMP (FCMC 7040 of 2011)(Leave to appeal)
  • C v. H [2012] 4 HKC 255 (Trial and Judgment Summonses)
  • N v. L (FCMC 10789 of 2012)(MPS)
  • CSO v. SYH (FCMC 17915 of 2012)(Ancillary relief)
  • PLTO v KLK [2013] 6 HKC 175 (Junior to Anita Yip SC)(Trial, CA and CFA on Ancillary relief)
  • LP v. LWCF and Anr (FCMC 18105 of 2013)(S.17/Joinder)
  • CHK v. LSF (FCMC 11724 of 2014)(Ancillary relief)
  • DA v. SY (FCMC 14138 of 2014)(Forum Non Conveniens)
  • LSM v. MKK (FCMC 3380 of 2015)(Ancillary relief)
  • CSY v. CPK (FCMC 7235 of 2015)(Ancillary relief)
  • TSF v. YPO (FCMC 1878 of 2016)(Beneficial interest ownership)
  • LLC v. LMWA & Anor (Preliminary Issue; Beneficial Ownership) [2017] HKFLR 433 (Beneficial ownership)
  • CKK v. CKF & Ors [2018] HKFC 53 (Injunction)
  • LTF v. SCW [2018] HKFC 180 (Legal cost provisions)
  • NLT v. LYKJ [2019] HKFC 167 (Joinder)